Hi! My name is Raina. I immigrated from South Korea to the US after graduating university. My goal in coming to America was to enhance my English to further my career. I felt like such a small fish in a big pond. My prior career was in the KPOP industry, obviously not something I could continue in the states. This caused me to second-guess my career path and find myself. I’ve always enjoyed art and creating things. The man, who later became my husband, is also an artist. However, he seemed very unorganized back then, lol. This is what spiked my idea! I could combine my art with organization! This ultimately led to Yoonison [Unison, but with my last name ;p] and Organized Emma (and friends).

I launched Yoonison, but had to sideline the project to further my education in America. Now that I have finished my degree, I decided to re-launch Yoonison! Drawing my characters always makes me happy and feels less alone in this country. I hope they make you smile. I hope to continue this project, and hopefully with your support I can.